Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From website to blog

I decided to switch bobokun.com to a blog! My hope is that I will actually update my blog with all my newest photography and happenings.

This HDR photo is of the Indian Peaks from the North side of Lefthand Reservoir. This is one of my favorite spots and it is so cool it is so close to my town of Lyons, CO. This shot was a surprise to me because I was almost ready to give up and pack it in due to the light being really bright and washed out. My wife convinced me to try a few more shots, so we hiked around a bit and the sun looked incredible behind the trees. This one is a great piece printed on canvas and it is absolutely brilliant on on aluminum, gatorfoam or PVC. The biggest I can do on Canvas for this one is 32"x56", and 28"x42" on all other substrates. Any custom size up to these sizes can be printed.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with pricing, substrate and sizing questions or to place an order with me.

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