Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall is coming!

I can't wait for Fall! It truly is my favorite season. The colors, the chill, bright blue skies, the smell, football and the perfect photo ops! I don't know how much I will be getting out to shoot this fall, but I know I will get some in.

We just had a great trip down to Durango, CO and went camping up outside of Silverton. This part of the state is one of my favorites. We found an awesome spot and had an easy time getting there in the new Subaru, man that car can cruise some roads that probably were not meant for a car to be traveling on.

We had just finished setting up camp and we were breaking out the Smashball when a rustle in the thickets alerted us to some visitors. Two large Bull Moose popped out and feasted in a pond about 50 yards or so from our site. I have never see Moose in the wild before but have always wanted to. It was super cool! Livvy loved to see them too, she kept pointing over and saying "MOOSE" "Hi Moose"! It was pretty surreal, as was our spot.

I can't wait to get back down there. The colors on the mountains from all the ore and the mining are spectacular. I can only imagine how it looks with Aspens 'ablazin as well.